This page contains detailed information about the electronic data transfer of information and zip-code mailings.
QR CODES -- The latest marketing strategy -- combine print with digital!
Give us your text (i.e. website address or $ discount) and we can generate a QR Code that you can add to your mailings. This code can be scanned by your customers' Smart Phones. You can offer money off any service, price point a service, or direct them to your website.
Management Programs
Most management programs have the capability of exporting service information. We have compiled instructions from our dealers for some of these other programs. If any changes need to be made to these instructions, please contact us via the link below.
We have written a utility to extract the information we need from these management programs. Please contact us for more information.
SQL version M5 version
SQL version
Windows program file [1.7 MB]
M5 version
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Under Export Customer/Business, select Date Range and Export to desktop as .xls file and attach to email. Click on the link below to send.
Under Report - Service Reminders - check services you want to send (i.e., LOF) - enter dates - Export (will ask for location). Must be a monitored service to export. Send as an attachment by clicking on the link below.
Open Trax, click on Reports on top tool bar, click on Customer, Click Find, and Reports window will open. Click on Customer List Report, click Preview, Close screen. Click Done and a blank selected customers screen will appear. Click Find, Click Done, enlarge screen, on right-hand bar scroll down to click on Export. Save in Trax folder (try desktop to avoid having to search for file). Close. Send the file by attaching in email. Click on the link below to send.
Under Report Heading Sales by Customer Detail - modify report (pick columns which are unique to each user), Options to select date range. Click Export button - options for .csv or .xls. We can use either file but prefer .xls. Click Memorized Reports to Save. Attach file to email by clicking on the link below.
If dealer is using version that produces postcards and is under support, the information can be extracted. From the main menu located on the front invoice screen, select Reports, Post Cards, Post Cards & Email Reminders. Once in the Post Card screen, Click on the large green Instant Reminders button in the center of the screen. After the report runs (and the screen shows the customers that will receive cards), click Print Shop List, select the option Mail Merge Document. The resulting mail merge list PostCards.doc will be located in the My Documents folder. Send this document by clicking on the link below and attaching to the email.
Target New Customers with Zip Code Mailings
The newest addition to the AUTO ALERT program is the Zip Code Mailings. Now it is possible with AUTO ALERT to market for new business. As increasing your vehicle count adds to the financial growth of your business, an important part of any marketing plan is to prospect for new customers. At AUTO ALERT we can help you do this..You can target customers in surrounding areas, either by zip code or a mile-radius. You can also choose to limit your list by certain selections (i.e., income levels, homeowners, length of residence). The list is emailed to AUTO ALERT where it is stored for you. You choose the number of cards to send and what offer to mail; we will do the rest. We enter the names into a database and print on the postcard. We do not use labels to attach the address. The cost per first-class postcard is $.75, and any artwork that we have can be used. Custom text for the cards will be created at no additional charge.
When a customer responds to the mailing, we will update the AUTO ALERT file with vehicle and PM information and send timely preventive maintenance reminders (if your are enrolled), retaining that customer for you.
Please feel free to call if you have any questions -- 609.267.6525
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