Now more than ever it is imperative that you continually market your services and increase your profits. One of the strongest programs for the service dealer, the AUTO ALERT program is a powerful marketing program that allows you to inexpensively combat today's marketing challenges. The best way to build profits is through repeat business. The AUTO ALERT program, with its automatic customer follow-up, is designed to keep your customers coming back to your shop through the use of a variety of effective marketing tools. Our objective is to get more vehicles in your shop and we will do our best to achieve that goal.


Through AUTO ALERT, you can communicate with your existing customers about preventive maintenance, recommended repairs, seasonal maintenance, and more via direct mail. With zip code mailings you can market to prospective customers in your surrounding area.

Automatic preventive maintenance reminders offer you the opportunity to communicate with your customers regarding such servicing needs as: OIL CHANGES, TUNE-UPS, INSPECTIONS, and RECOMMENDED REPAIRS (future or declined).

We also offer on-demand mailings that inform your customers of seasonal maintenance, thank your customers, and offer holiday greetings. The seasonal maintenance reminders give you the

opportunity to earn profits on services you may presently be giving away free. Your customers will appreciate receiving these popular reminders for winter or summer service, and these cards generate the greatest revenue for our installers. We stagger these mailings over a four-week period so you can schedule the work efficiently. And, we can make a custom mailing for you at any time to generate additional business, let customers know about a service you have added on, or anything you would like to communicate to your customer. Usually the very next day.

Need new business? Now available to you is the opportunity to target new customers with zip code mailings to increase your vehicle count. We can order consumer addresses from your surrounding area, either by zip code or mile-radius. We will store your list and whenever you want to send out a mailing, you let us know. We will do the rest. The list is yours to use as you desire. When a consumer responds to this mailing, we will retain that customer for you by sending normal preventive maintenance reminders (if you have signed up for that option). With AUTO ALERT, all facets of direct mail marketing are met -- retain your existing customers and market to new ones.
We also have reports available that will show you what mailings were made to your customers each month. These reports are a great management tool for contacting your customers about services due.
Quarterly we submit your customer list to the National Change of Address Service so that we can capture the addresses of those customers who have moved within the last 48 months. You will receive a print-out from us of the updated customer addresses so that you can change your records. We also have some checks designed to limit the number of file duplications. We use a mail program that standardizes your addresses so that your card has the best chance of getting to your customer. All mailings are made first-class so if the card is undeliverable, it is returned to you.
You choose the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that best fits your shop
Totally flexible with no enrollment period obligations
The price is affordable for even the smallest shops
Personal customer service 
Submission of information electronically
Call 609.267.6525 if you are ready to start seeing what AUTO ALERT can do for you. Start building those profits today!
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