Customer service has always been our number one priority. With our digital printer we are happy to offer one of the most customized programs out there! 

Want custom-designed cards, front and back? We can do that! Want to put a picture of your shop or your technicians on a card? We can do that! Is branding important to you? Do you want your color logo displayed on all the cards you mail? We can do that! Want to incorporate digital marketing with your postcard mailings? We can do that!

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Did you know most of the customers who walk in your door are within a 3-mile radius of your business location?
Every Door Direct Mail is a new service offered by the United States Postal Service to allow you to tap into this market. No names to buy. You select a carrier route in your trading area and the mail piece is delivered door-to-door by the carrier on the day you specify. The cards are 6.25” x 9” and are customized for your business. This is a great way to market in your direct trading area, at a time you designate, and at a reduced cost.

Click here to explore carrier routes: All you need to do is enter your zip code and click on a route and the area will be highlighted on the map to the right. You will need to buy an entire carrier route and a minimum of 200 addresses are required by the post office.

Here are samples of the EDDM card:
Samples of our postcards (print resolution on cards is not accurately displayed on website)
Our goal is to entertain your customers, pique their interest to get them to read the card, and reflect the professionalism of your shop.
Automatic Preventive Maintenance Reminders
These reminders go out automatically based on the schedule you have created for your customers via the enrollment form.
Oil Change Reminder

Inspection Reminder

Tune-up Reminder
Additional Service Reminder
Seasonal Mailings
The seasonal mailings start in April and October, and we mail out over a 4-week period to enable better scheduling due to the high response rate generated by these cards.
Winterization Special
Summerization Special
Holiday Greetings
This mailing goes out in early December. Some installers use this card to promote an open house or to offer a customer appreciation coupon.
Thank You Cards
These cards can be sent automatically to any new customer who visits your shop or you can order them on-demand.
Custom Mailings
You can make custom mailings at any time. All it takes is a phone call or an email! Some of the cards offer price-pointed services, %-off discounts, and free offers. You let us know what idea you have for a mailing and our customer care specialists will create the card for you. The turn-around time for these cards averages 2 days; sometimes we can get it out the same day!
This is not our entire inventory of cards. We have other artwork in stock and change our cards every year to keep them fresh. We are !always open to new ideas, so please feel free to let us know if youhave one
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