Our seasonal mailings generate the biggest response!

Get ready for the response! It is time to get the jump on one of the biggest mailings of the year. 

The 4 x 6 cards are $.76 each. These cards are also available in a 6 X 9 size ($.85 each) due to popular request. This size will allow you to put more information on the card without it looking "heavy" with information. Be sure to check off which size card you want to mail along with the prices you want to charge your customer for these checks.

This mailing is staggered over a four-week period to spread out the workload due to the response rate normally returned. The text on this card can be customized to fit your needs. For example, some dealers add "or FREE with any oil change service". Some dealers add or remove checks. If you want to customize, please enter changes in the comments box. We also have some "leftover" artwork if you are interested in using a different card.

This mailing starts in October.   Here is the 2016 artwork:

Note: New format! We thought it was time for a change so we put two specials on the card. Left side has a basic winter check and the right includes a LUBE, OIL & FILTER. Please enter a price for each service on the enrollment form. We still have the "old" format available with just the basic winter check (just note in comment box if you want to use that one).

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